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Day 3 and 4

IMG_3998 IMG_4330 IMG_4000 IMG_4050 IMG_4368Brethren,

Yesterday we spent the entire day in the region of Galilee. We saw the city of Capernaum which was Jesus’ headquarters for His ministry in the region. The modern town is built on the original site. We also visited the towns of Tiberius and visited the ruins of ancient Chorizim, one of the cities which Jesus pronounced judgment upon. The ancient ruins are a reminder of the price those folks paid for their rejection of Jesus.

Today we saw the same spring of water Gideon and his men drank from before their battle against the Midianites. The spring still flows with water. From that spring, we could see the valley where the Midianites camped and where they were struck down by Gideon and his 300 men who were empowered by the Lord to overcome a superior force which numbered in the thousands. It was really moving to be there.

From there, we drove to the settlement of Shilo which has become perhaps one of the greatest archeological findsin recent years. Shilo was the permanent site of the Tabernacle after the Israelites occupied the promised land, and they have uncovered pottery jars which were used by the priests in the service of the Tabernacle. They also believe that they have located the actual site where the Tabernacle stood.

We ended the day at the ancient site of Jericho (located in what is today called the “west bank”) where the remains of the ancient walls of Jericho have been uncovered. This is the very wall which fell and allowed the Israelite warriors to enter into the city and destroy it. It was awsome to gaze at that place which is a testimony to the accuracy and truth of Scripture and the power of God!

We then drove south along the western shore of the dead sea where we will stay in a very nice hotel/resort located right on the shore.

More to come when we can get agood internet connection.

Pastor Steve and Mary