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Israel Tour – Day 1

IMG_3834Mt. Carmel overlooking Valley of JezreelToday we began our tour with a stop in Caesarea which was built by Herod the Great into a major port with a breakwater, a palace and was one of the great architechtural achievments of the day. Later an aqueduct was built to add a fresh water supply. The harbor structure was destroyed by amajor earthquke centuries ago but some of the ruins can still be detected below the water. Herod’s hipodrome has also been reconstructed by Israel’s antiquities department. Biblically, it is most famous for Peter’s evangelistic visit to the house of Cornelius.

Then we visited the ruins of the anciient city of Megiddo which was built,destroyed and then rebuilt 25 times or more over thousands of years. Megiddo is perched on a hill that overlooks the Valley of Jezreel.

Then we went on to Nazareth which is now a very large city set igh on a hill where Jesus grew up. Today, it is populated mostly by Muslim Arabs. Somewhere in the city center is where the old village must have been and there are many “cliffs” from which Jesus’ neighbors might have tried to cast Him to His death. Of course, Jesus was miraculously protected from that fate by His Father.

Tonight and tomorrow, we stay at the Kibbutz Ginnosar and explore sites around the Sea of Galilee.

Stand by for more to come tomorrow. Pics are hard to post because wifi is not good in this hotel.

Pastor Steve and Mary